District Health Information System (DHIS) Program Gilgit-Baltistan

District Health Information System (DHIS) was launched in Gilgit-Baltistan during 2017-19 to ensure evidence-based decision making in public health sector based on the information gathered from grassroot level. At present, DHIS is functional in all the ten districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. The District DHIS Cell collects the health statistics via specially designed reporting tools from primary and secondary health facilities and upload the data on online DHIS software on monthly basis. The cells also perform regular monitoring of DHIS data through a monitoring system called Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) method to ensure quality and reliability of the information generated at health facilities.


The major objective of the project is to improve health status of the people of GB by strengthening evidence based planning and management of health care services through institutionalizing the HMIS/DHIS in the province.
DHIS staff worker

Functions of HMIS/DHIS

The core functions of the HMIS/DHIS would remain:
  1. Assessing the performance of health services;
  2. Prioritizing problems and to address them by applying adequate interventions;
  3. Providing performance-based resource allocation;
  4. Responding to community health services needs;
  5. Helping decision makers to ascertain emerging needs and control endemic health problems promptly and accurately;
  6. Extending assistance by providing relevant information for formulation of health policies, strategizing health care programs and up-scaling interventions;
  7. Catering to needs of international organizations, federal government, state government, districts and other stakeholders.