Quality Control Board

EPI mid review 2021

Quality Control Board (QCB) Gilgit Baltistan

Constituted under section 11 of the Drugs Act 1976, to:

  • Ensure availability of quality medicine
  • Scrutinize reports of Drug Inspectors / DTL
  • Grant Permission for prosecution in the Drug Court/lodge FIR
  • Recommend to Federal Government for cancellation / suspension of Manufacturing License
  • Recommendations to the appropriate authority for action to be taken
  • Monitoring and supervision of the working of Drug Inspectors
  • Monitor/control of the working of field staff

Composition Of Drug Court Gb

    • Chairman from Judiciary (Equivalent to Sessions Judge / Judge of High Court)
    • Two Members; one from Pharmaceutical and one from Medical fields


Health Services

From sampling to prosecution:

From sample collection to DTL

07 Days

Testing in DTL                                      

60 Days

Challenging of reports                       

30 Days

Testing time in NIH                              

60 Days

Prosecution by PQCB

30 Days

Right to challenge the report of DTL 

30 Days

Total time from sampling                           

187 Days

GB Orientation Blindness Control Program

GB Pharmacy Council (Established Under Pharmacy Act, 1967)


To regulate the Practice of Pharmacy and introduce pharmaceutical services

 Functions of the Council

  • Registration of Pharmacists.
  • Registration of Pharmacy Assistant.
  • Conduct examinations.
  • Prepare & maintain Registers of
    • Pharmacists and
    • Apprentices in pharmacy.
    • Pharmacy Assistant.
  • Other functions empowered by the Act.

Activities of the Council

On job training of Hospital Pharmacist and Drug Inspectors

  • Refresher Courses for Chemist / Pharmacy Assistants
  • Publications
  • Examinations